Jorc Industrial LLC

The JORC organization creates and develops innovative products within the scope of compressed air condensate management, and air leak prevention. We are determined to become and remain your innovative, and reliable partner offering true value to the compressed air industry. Exceeding your expectations is what we like to do best and we achieve this by offering you:

  • Creative designs and innovative features.
  • Products that offer both reliability and durability.
  • Quick deliveries.

Innovation, creative designs, quality and reliability need commercial support to be successful. Our support covers:

  • Manufacturing consistency and product reliability.
  • Product quality certifications.
  • Product shipping within 24 hours after receipt of order.
  • Special products are produced and available within 3 weeks.

We specialize in a specific group of products, which are divided into the following categories:

  • Condensate cleaners (oil/water separators).
  • Intelligent (zero air loss) condensate drains.
  • Timer controlled condensate drains.
  • Motorized ball valve condensate drains.
  • Multi-point timer controlled condensate drains.
  • Air saving products.

CFM Air Equipment proudly carries the following Jorc products:


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