Kaeser rotary blowers are used in a wide variety of applications such as environmental remediation, aeration, air knives, process air, pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, and vacuum applications. Kaeser blowers are designed for long life, efficiency, and reliability.

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  • Kaeser Com-pak Rotary Lobe Blower Packages 3-250 HP

      Kaeser Com-pak Rotary Lobe Blower Packages 3-250 HP

      Kaeser Com-pak Rotary Lobe Blower Packages 3-250 HP
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      Product Details:

      Kaeser Com-pak Rotary Lobe Blower Packages 3-250 HP

      A Superior Single Source Solution

      Kaeser Com-paK blower systems offer the best combination of quality construction, reliable performance, and ease of ownership. The Com-paK design features a full scope of supply that is unmatched in the industry. Our complete package design minimizes time and money spent on engineering, procurement, documentation, and installation. Com-paK units arrive fully assembled and ready to operate.

      Integrated Engineering 

      Integration is the key to optimizing efficiency and streamlining maintenance costs. Kaeser has led the industry in offering fully integrated blowers engineered to withstand even the most demanding installations. A complete package design reduces time spent specifying and purchasing blower systems components, and after the sale there is only one supplier to call for technical or other support on any part of the blower package.

      Low Life Cycle Costs

      In addition to reducing engineering and installation costs, the Com-paK is very energy efficient. It is also designed for easy maintenance, and the few maintenance points are all accessible through one cabinet panel. Of course, the rugged reliability of Kaeser blowers means fewer lifetime repairs. In fact, Kaeser is so confident in the benefits of our design that we offer a five year warranty on Omega tri-lobe blower blocks sold as part of standard Com-paK packages.

      Easy Installation

      The Com-paK is designed with a unique component layout to minimize floor space and allow side-by-side placement. Kaeser’s tri-lobe design, combined with a full six-sided enclosure (standard), results in a blower package with the least noise and vibration. No additional soundproofing is needed. Further, our Com-paK models arrive pre-assembled, offering major time and labor savings during installation
      Suprior Connectivity 

      Superior Connectivity

      Com-paK blowers feature the integrated Sigma Control 2™ with Omega Control software to monitor and control the blower package. Versatile communication modules also enable these packages to connect with master controllers, like Sigma Air Manager 2 (SAM) or other centralized control systems for enhanced reliability, energy optimization, and plant automation

      Com-paK Series Features:

      • Omega blower
      • One-piece rotors and sealing strips
      • Precision timing gears
      • Generously sized bearings
      • High efficiency motors
      • V-belt drive with guard
      • Inlet/Outlet silencers
      • Instrumentation - Pressure/Vaccuum gauges, discharge temperature gauge with shut down switch, inlet filter differential monitor or vaccuum filter switch
      • Comprehensive sensor system
      • Pre-mounted valves


      Omega Frequency Design

      Most Com-paK models are also available with Kaeser’s Omega Frequency Control (OFC). This fully integrated variable frequency drive provides continuous blower speed adjustment to match the process flow to the demand. The OFC offers enhanced control with a variety of signal inputs, outputs, as well as a Profibus connection. OFC is available as part of an integrated package on BB69C and 89C, CBC, DBC, EBC, and FBC models.

      Wide Control Range

      Kaeser matches the blower block, drive motor, and variable speed controller for optimal performance, which provides better specific performance over a wider range of flows. This ensures maximum efficiency in multi-unit operation while always meeting fluctuating demand.

      Quality Control Cabinet

      Integrated OFC and STC options are housed in an isolated electrical cabinet with dedicated ventilation. Our electrical panels are well organized, with components clearly labeled.

      Package Cooling and Enclosure Design

      Parallel Cooling Concept

      Kaeser’s Com-paK design separates airflows for the blower, motor, and electrical cabinet. This ensures air is not preheated before entering the blower, which keeps the overall efficiency higher. It also ensures the coolest possible air is being channeled across the drive motor. A dedicated fan ensures that regardless of the operating speed of the package, cooling air is flowing through the generous enclosure.

      Extremely Low Sound and Vibration

      All Com-paK models feature a standard enclosure that is built for exceptional noise reduction and easy access to maintenance points. Heavy gauge construction and a powder coat finish make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Heavy duty dampers absorb vibrations before they reach the base of the unit or sound enclosure. They also reduce stress on plumbing and wiring.

      Service Friendly Design

      Kaeser has been a leader in creating fully packaged blowers that are reliable, durable, energy efficient, and simple to maintain. Our line of Com-paK blower packages set the standard in the blower industry. In addition to a full scope of supply, these models feature an open package design to simplify routine maintenance. When you consider all the benefits of owning a built for a lifetime™ machine, it’s clear that a Kaeser Com-paK blower package will save you money, year after year

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