Kaeser rotary blowers are used in a wide variety of applications such as environmental remediation, aeration, air knives, process air, pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, and vacuum applications. Kaeser blowers are designed for long life, efficiency, and reliability.

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  • Kaeser Rotary Screw Blowers 40-150 HP

      Kaeser Rotary Screw Blowers 40-150 HP

      Kaeser Rotary Screw Blowers 40-150 HP
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      Product Details:

      Industrial Rotary Screw Blowers

      Blower efficiency, redefined.

      The rotors in Kaeser’s new DBS, EBS, and FBS series screw blowers are descended from the world renowned Sigma Profile™ and have been designed to meet the specialized needs associated with blower applications. Just like their compressor counterparts, Kaeser’s screw blowers deliver more air and more savings. Together, the blower airend and the premium quality mechanical and electrical components create a powerful, energy-efficient turnkey blower system with a cutting edge design.

      Efficient Operation

      Kaeser screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and also achieve significant energy savings compared to low pressure compressors. The combination of a blower airend with highly efficient Sigma Profile rotors, flow-optimized components, efficient power transmission, and premium efficiency drive motors ensures exceptional performance, guaranteed by Kaeser in accordance with the stringent tolerances of ISO 1217

      Long-term Dependability 

      Renowned throughout the world for their quality design, components, and manufacturing, Kaeser products provide long term machine and process availability you can count on. Quality features include durable rotor bearings, dependable power transmission, conservatively sized drive motors, vibration-free sound enclosures with effective cooling air flow, Sigma Control 2™ integrated controller for efficient and dependable operation, and much more.

      Maximum Efficiency: IE3 Motors

      Users can enjoy the benefits that these premium efficiency motors have to offer by choosing Kaeser screw blowers.

      Pure Efficiency with the Sigma Profile

      Kaeser’s high efficiency blower airends combine a wide control range with near constant specific power. Equipped with energyefficient Sigma Profile rotors, they ensure maximum air delivery and keep power consumption to an absolute minimum.

      Dependable Seals

      The proven sliding ring seal on the blower airend’s drive shaft is maintenance-free and provides dependable sealing, even in hot and/or dusty environments.

      Durable Bearings

      Four robust cylindrical roller bearings absorb the continuously changing radial forces and are rated to ensure long screw blower airend service life. The rollers are encased in high-tech cages for optimum lubrication at all speeds.

      Continuous System Monitoring

      Sensors for oil level and temperature monitoring are integrated into the blower airend. The oil chamber is designed to ensure this functionality even during machine operation when the oil level is fluctuating.

      Direct Drive - DBS Series

      In DBS series blowers, power is transferred from the motor to the blower airend via an integrated gear drive. Following detailed testing in Kaeser’s Research and Development Centers, this was found to be the most effective transmission solution for the speeds in this power and size class with regards to efficiency, dependability, and durability. 

      The transmission ratio can be changed using various gear sets so that the motor remains within the optimum frequency range of the SFC frequency control at all times, or with fixed speed operation the flow rate can be matched to suit actual demand. Highly durable and wear-free, this power transmission system operates at near 100 percent transmission efficiency and enables using standard electrical drive motors.

      Belt Drive - EBS and FBS Series

      Kaeser screw blowers with V-belt drive provide outstanding efficiency and reliability. This power transmission has been refined and proven reliable over decades of experience in compressor design and engineering. 

      The automatic tensioning device ensures that the V-belt drive provides the best possible degree of transmission efficiency at all times throughout the screw blower’s service life, keeping maintenance costs low. 

      The solid V-belt guard protects operating personnel and allows effective re-lubrication with even grease distribution in the motor bearings—which is possible only during operation. 

      The belt guard’s clever “wind tunnel” design reduces temperature and consequently increases the service life on the belt and drive shaft seals on the airend and motor.

      Efficient and Dependable

      The Blower Controller

      Sigma Control 2 ensures efficient blower control and monitoring. The generously sized display, RFID reader for secure access, and numerous interfaces enable fast, reliable communication, while the SD card slot makes data storage and software updates a breeze.


      Comprehensive Sensors

      A wide range of sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, speed, oil level, and filters ensures dependable blower operation and allows remote monitoring and visualization of operational status.

      Cool Inlet Air

      Cooling air for the motor and process air are drawn in separately from outside the sound enclosure. This boosts efficiency and leads to a higher usable mass flow rate for the same power consumption. The blowers can operate in ambient temperatures up to 113 °F.

      Optimized Specific Power

      The moderate maximum speed and the near-constant specific power across the wide variable speed control range combined achieve significant energy savings throughout the entire operating curve.

      Plug and Play

      Kaeser screw blowers are turnkey, complete machines, eliminating time, cost, and labor intensive installations. Additionally, the machines are ready ex-works for easy integration into Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments.

      Start Control (STC) 

      STC versions with integrated wye-delta start for constant speed operation are equipped with a premium contactor, overload protection, and phase loss monitoring. Sigma Control 2 and a dependable emergency stop system complete the package.

      Sigma Frequency Control

      Using variable speed control, the SFC frequency converter adjusts blower performance to match application air demand. Everything is ready for immediate operation, since all programming and parameterization is performed at the factory.

      EMC Certified 

      The SFC control cabinet and Sigma Control 2 are tested and certified as individual components together with the complete blower system to EMC directive EN 55011 for Class A1 industrial power supplies.

      Plug and Play

      The turnkey blowers come complete with sensors, STC/SFC, Sigma Control 2 and an emergency stop switch, and are filled with oil and fully certified. This significantly reduces the work and costs associated with planning, installation, certification, documentation, and commissioning.

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