ALMIG - Rotary Screw - Belt Drive Series

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  • ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Belt Drive 5-350 HP

      ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Belt Drive 5-350 HP

      ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Belt Drive 5-350 HP
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      Product Details:

      ALMIG Belt Series - 5-350 HP

      The ALMiG BELT is a single-stage rotary screw compressor with oil injection technology, standard low-noise enclosure, ALMiG AIR CONTROL I or III microprocessor, totally-enclosed TEFC motor (ODP motor standard on BELT 75 and BELT 250) with Y-Delta starting and reliable belt-drive transmission. The compressors are designed for indoor and outdoor installation.

      General Technical Information

      Main motor rating: 5 - 350 hp (Tri voltage motors are standard up to 50hp) Pressure up to 190 psi(g) Flowrate: 20 - 1550 cfm Cooling System: Air cooled, Water Cooled, Sea Water Cooled Due to its unique design it operates at any ambient conditions even as a marine compressor for navy applications or on drilling sites in Texas! The smaller range up to 50 hp can be equipped with a technical oil free sollution or just with a dryer called "plus version".

      • Unit manufactured in accordance with UL, ASME, CSA, CRN, OHSA and CE standards
      • Load / No-load operation as standard, optional equipped with modulation (throttling) for capacity control
      • Compact build for installation near walls; operation from one side
      • Ready for connection and operation, fitted with all the required cooling, control and monitoring equipment
      • Vibration-isolated, fluid-tight base frame for foundation-free installation
      • Air end and motor isolated from the base frame to reduce vibration
      • Sound-insulated with dirt-repelling lining and cooling air control system for extremely low noise level
      • Integrated electrical control cabinet certified by UL and CSA.
      • Main switch installed internal or external depending on the compressor hp class.

      Other Features

      • Electrical TEFC NEMA premium eff. motor (ODP motor standard on BELT 75 and BELT 250)
      • Power transmission with V-belts – low maintenance cost, flexible and extremely efficient
      • Drive system with increased lifetime
      • ALMIG intake valve with intake filter for safe, fully unloaded start-up.  Therefore an efficient and economical operation
      • Oil-injection-cooled compressor stage featuring high operational reliability
      • Oil sump tank for best pre-separation
        • Impact separation and gravitational separation design
        • Oil drain through pre installed ball valve
        • Easy to fill and impossible to overfill
      • Spin on oil separator cartridge for high compressed air quality and low residual oil content
        • Easy and fast to change
      • Efficient oil and air cooling system.
        • Industrial-grade, treated aluminum
        • Easy to clean
        • Oversized for low outlet temperatures
      • Turbine or axial fan for optimum cooling airflow and extremely low noise level
      • Emergency stop function
      • Automatic restart after power loss


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