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  • ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Direct Drive 15-425 HP

      ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Direct Drive 15-425 HP

      ALMIG Rotary Screw Air Compressor Direct Drive 15-425 HP
      • Available in Manitoba only
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      Product Details:

      Our DIRECT series guarantee 24 / 7 high performance and operational reliability under 100% load. The DIRECT series lowers your investment cost + overall lifecycle costs of the compressor station by having extended maintenance periods!

      Power rating: 15 - 425 hp (Tri Voltage Motors up to 50hp)

      Pressure up to 190 psi(g)

      Flowrate: 75 - 2050 cfm

      Cooling System: Air cooled, Water Cooled

      Due to its unique design it operates under any ambient conditions even as marine compressor for navy applications or on drilling sites in Alberta! The smaller range up to 50 hp can be equipped with as technical oil free sollution or just with a dryer as our "plus version".

      • Unit manufactured in accordance with UL, ASME, OHSA and CE standards
      • Load / Unload operation as standard, optional equipped with valve modulation (throttling) for capacity control
      • Compact build for installation near walls; operation from one side
      • Ready for connection and operation, fitted with all the required cooling, control and monitoring equipment
      • Vibration-isolated, fluid-tight base frame for foundation-free installation
      • Compressor assembly isolated from the base frame to reduce vibration
      • Sound-insulated with dirt-repelling lining and cooling air control system for extremely low noise level
      • In the housing integrated electrical control cabinet.
      • Colours light grey (RAL 7035) and sky-blue (RAL 5015)
      • Main switch installed internal or external depending on the compressor hp class.

      The compressor is equipped with the following features:

      • Electrical drive through high performance motor
      • Power transmission from drive motor to air end trough a 1:1 direct coupling extremely efficient system.
      • Direct drive system with increased lifetime and low energy costs
      • ALMIG intake regulator with intake filter for safe, fully unloaded start-up and efficient and economical operation
      • Oil-injection-cooled compressor stage featuring high operational reliability
      • Oil separator reservoir with great oil surface for optimum pre-separation; Oil drain through ball valve; generously dimensioned filler opening
      • Oil separator cartridge for high compressed air quality with low residual oil content
      • Oil and compressed air cooling through large-area cellular radiator for low compressed air outlet temperature; easy to clean
      • Fan is optimized for extremely low noise level
      • Emergency stop function
      • Automatic restart after power loss

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