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  • Almig Rotary Screw Air Compressor Variable Speed 20-480 HP

      Almig Rotary Screw Air Compressor Variable Speed 20-480 HP

      Almig Rotary Screw Air Compressor Variable Speed 20-480 HP
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      Product Details:

      Almig Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Variable Speed / 20-480 HP

      General technical information

      • Unit manufactured in accordance with ASME, OHSA and CE standards
      • Compact build for installation near walls; operation and servicing from one side
      • Ready for connection and operation, fitted with all the required cooling, control and monitoring equipment
      • Vibration-isolated, fluid-tight base frame for foundation-free installation
      • Compressor assembly isolated from the base frame in terms of vibration
      • Sound-insulated with dirt-repelling lining and cooling air control system for extremely low noise level
      • In the housing integrated electrical control cabinet.
      • VSD drive
      • Colours light grey (RAL 7035) and sky-blue (RAL 5015)

      The compressor is equipped with the following features:

      • Electrical drive through variable speed controlled VSD asynchronous motor with enclosure TEFC / IP 55, isolating class H, small size and high efficiency of 88 - 92% over the entire speed range. Water and dust proof.
      • VSD direct power transmission of the electric motor to the air end by means of a flexible clutch
      • ALMIG intake regulator with intake filter for safe, fully unloaded start-up and efficient and economical operation
      • Oil-injection-cooled compressor stage featuring high operational reliability
      • Oil separator reservoir with great oil surface for optimum pre-separation; Oil drain through ball valve; generously dimensioned filler opening
      • Oil separator cartridge for high compressed air quality with low residual oil content
      • Oil and compressed air cooling through large-area cellular radiator for low compressed air outlet temperature; easy to clean
      • Radial ventilator for optimum cooling and extremely low noise level
      • Separate cooling air ventilator drive is reducing main motor load
      • The main switch also performs the function of an emergency stop switch according to electrical standards

      ALMIG variable speed technology

      ALMiG was one of the first manufacturers introducing the variable speed technology to the market in 1999.The ALMiG variable speed drive optimizes the operation of the compressor compared to a fixed speed compressor. Your process is protected from damage and downtime, and you will benefit from reduced installation, energy and maintenance costs.

      Protection from damage and downtime

      Soft starts and stops protect your equipment. Reduced start currents result in smaller fuses, cables and energy bills. Controlled stops eliminate the risk of water hammer and other costly damage.

      A built-in shaft power monitor and a unique Load Curve Protection function protect your process by immediately detecting any situation that could cause inefficiency or damage. Early warnings and safety stops allow preventive action.

      Energy savings and optimized operation

      The ALMiG variable speed drive regulates flow and pressure by continuously adapting motor speed. No energy is wasted and there is no unnecessary equipment wear.


      Simplified maintenance

      Should a drive problem occur a full status report will be generated. You can quickly identify the cause and take corrective measures. Maintenance is simplified thanks to a minimum of accessible mechanical parts and fold-out power modules.

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