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  • Starcyl Pnuematic Cylinders

      Starcyl Pnuematic Cylinders

      Starcyl Pnuematic Cylinders
      • Available in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba
      • Call 1-800-665-9725 (Alberta), 1-306-580-9000 (Saskatchewan) or 1-877-323-7247 (Manitoba) for pricing
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      Product Details:

      Starcyl Pneumatic Cylinders

       Starcyl has been manufacturing pneumatic cylinders for over 20 years. Due to the exclusive starnite manufacturing process of the cylinders this makes them one of the toughest and most robust manufacturers in the industry. If you have any questions in regards to the products below please feel free to contact us.

      Isometric Series

      • VDMA 24562, DIN/ISO 6431 & ISO15552
      • Profiled 32 to 125mm bores
      • Cylinder 160 to 320mm bores                                                   
      • Working pressure: max 10bar
      • Temperature: -20C +80C with dry air
      • Working fluid: Filtered and lubricated air or none


      Star 1 Series- Space Savers Square Line, Multi Stage & Upgradeable

      • The only cylinder upgradeable, you don't have enough force, add a stage to double your force.
      • Square Line uses less space compared to round.
      • Multistage uses less air, only one stage push back the others.
      • Space saver also uses less air (in using the real stroke).
      • All Starcyl cylinders can be interchangeable with the competition.
      • Full bodies allow easy cleaning. 

      Star 2 Series - Space Saver NFPA Style Mount

      • Same square sizes as NFPA.
      • Same bolt pattern and sizes.
      • Same mounting dimension (for flanges & clevis, cylinders are shorter).
      • Same bore & rod combination.
      • Same rod end options.
      • Designed with larger piston than pancake and with a wear ring to protect the cylinder Tubing against small side load.
      • No air cushion (bumper available).
      • Stainless steel head, cap, rod & tie rods available as an option with composite tubing for food industries or chemical environment. (MIN QTY)  
      • Competitive pricing.
      • Custom cylinders for equipment manufacturers

       Star 3 Series - Interchangeable NFPA Series

      • Aluminum Construction.
      • Flush mount standard (gives the option to the distributor to reduce stock).
      • Cushion standard (no adders).
      • 9 bore sizes 1½ to 10" and others.
      • Stock strokes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12") for 1½ to 5" bore.
      • Strokes available to any practical length.
      • 18 standard mounting styles (Nitrotec Clevis Mount).
      • Oversize and Double Oversize Rod.
      • 250 PSI pressure rating
      • NitroCarburizing treatment on rod (20 times better than chrome) (up to 65 Rc).
      • 4 rod end options.
      • Piston design with wear ring to protect the cylinder tube against small side load.
      • Extra impact noise reduction.
      • Stainless steel head, cap, rod & tie rods available as an option with SS tubing for food industries or chemical environment. (MIN QTY)
      • Competitive pricing. (The best price on the market)
      • Custom cylinders for OEM. Large Rod Diameter 3"-4", Adjustable Stroke, S.S. Needle Valve Adjustment, Delrin Gland, etc.


      Star 4 Series - Interchangeable NFPA (Heavy Duty)

      • Standard bore sized 1.5" through 8".
      • Piston rod diameters 5/8" through 5 1/2".
      • 17 standard mounting styles at various application ratings.
      • Available in any practical stroke lenght.
      • Cushions optional at either end or both ends of stroke
      • 3 standard rod end styles - specials available upon request
      • Starnite (nitrocarburation) available on every steel part (20 times better than chrome) (up to 65 Rc).

      ST3RL Series - NFPA Interchangeable Rod Lock Series

      • Precision Operation Maintains Accurate Positioning - The ST3RL series of Rod Locks guarantees accurate positioning and provides precision holding while other operations are performed. The Rod Lock engages without causing any rod displacement, and also features extremely low backlash during operation, making them ideal for precision applications.
      • Large Clamping Surface Ensures Consistent Performance - The ST3RL line is designed with a large clamping surface that provides uniform force to the rod contact area on every engagement. The clamping mechanism utilizes numerous ball bearings to reduce friction and has close to a 3,000,000 cycle life. 
      • Spring-Engage Units Active in Power-Off Situations - Starcyl’s Cylinder Rod Locks are spring-engaged, so they operate even in power-off situations to promote safety for operators and machinery. The fast response time of these spring-engaged products also increases positioning accuracy. 
      • Sealed to Withstand Harsh Environments - Every ST3RL Rod Lock is sealed to protect internal components. These seals are designed to withstand even harsh wash-down environments and are IP67 rated (exceed NEMA 4X rating).

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