Cactus Membrane Air/Gas Dryers

Cactus Line

Air Products’ CACTUS PC dryers are compact and efficient dehydrators for industrial air supplies. These robust dryers remove water vapor from gas streams by the selective permeation of water molecules through polymers. They are “molecular filters” in which water travels across the membrane faster than other gas molecules.

Advantages include lower maintenance time and expense compared to desiccant or refrigerant dryers. Membrane dryers are superior for operation at remote sites and for point-of-use applications.

Every Cactus PC dryer is hand assembled and tested in the Air Products AS9100 certified facility. You can be confident that each CACTUS PC dryer will perform as promised.

Cactus dryer advantages

  • Durable – Each Cactus dryer is manufacturer from high-performance ABS with aluminum caps which withstand some of the most grueling environments
  • Cost-effective – The simple design makes Cactus dryers less expensive to purchase and maintain then desiccant dryers or refrigerated dryers
  • Proven technology – The selective permeation technology has been employed by Air Products for decades. This simple system is  a passive device with no moving parts.
  • Flexible application – Cactus dryers can be mounted vertically or horizontally to meet your design requirements
  • Simple start-up – Cactus dryers are easily commissioned. Simply apply clean compressor air/gas and production begins, No break-in period.
  • Industrial grade – Cactus dryers are designed to handle industrial production loads. Operating pressures up to 300 psig meets industrial loads with ease
  • Quality Assured – Every membrane separator is hand assembled and has to pass rigorous testing requirements before it is released into service

CFM Air Equipment has sold thousands of Cactus membrane air/gas dryers into British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario, and across the USA and Europe. We have dryers out in the field that have been in operation since 2003, which is when we started selling them in the Alberta market. This shows the quality of the Cactus membrane dryers and how with minimal maintenance (prefilter replacement) these dryers can truly last for years. No moving parts = Less breakdowns.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can size out a Cactus membrane dryer that will suit your application.

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