Kaeser Rotary Blowers

Kaeser Rotary Blowers are quiet, efficient, low-maintenance, and generate compressed air for a wide variety of applications:

  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials – Cement powder, plastic pellets, minerals, wood chips, sand, sugar, flour, rice grain, salt, etc.
  • Water management – Sedimentation tank aeration and filter flushing
  • Process and cooling air for industrial purposes
  • Mobile applications – Mixing, tanker and suction vehicles.

Kaeser currently offers two different design concepts for compressed air vacuum & low pressure application:

  • Rotary lobe blowers – Featuring efficient, three-lobe Omega rotors for minimising pulses
  • Rotary screw blowers – Featuring energy-saving SIGMA profile specifically designed by Kaeser for optimal pressure and air delivery.

Rotary Screw Blowers

Kaeser screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers. The combination of a blower airend with high efficiency SIGMA Profile rotors, flow-optimized components, efficient power transmission and drive components ensures exceptional performance, guaranteed by Kaeser in accordance with the stringent requirements of ISO 1217.

Municipal and industrial wastewater, flotation, and fluidization applications stand to benefit from using Kaeser screw blowers. Since these applications require blowers to run constantly, energy efficiency is a key consideration.

Available from 25 horsepower to 335 horsepower.

Rotary Lobe Blowers –  Up to 2603 CFM

Kaeser’s COMPACT blowers are available as a complete package to ensure easy commission, maintenance, and reliable operation:

  • Space-saving blowers complete with sound enclosure; modular design makes expansion easy (models BB C to FB C and HB 950 C)
  • Suitable for nitrogen conveying applications (CN versions)
  • Complete plug-and-play systems with integrated package controls and power supply: optionally available with wye-delta start (STC) or variable speed control (OFC)
  • Outdoor installation packages available
  • SIGMA Control 2 continually monitors and transmits performance data
  • Low life cycle costs

Available from 20 horsepower to 150 horsepower.

Rotary Lobe Blower Packages PDF

Rotary Lobe Blowers – Up to 5650 CFM

With their uniform design concept, our large blower units can be individually configured and expanded to meet your needs. They are easy to maintain and operate, and can be equipped for outdoor installation.

  • High-performance, energy-saving, and low-maintenance blower packages with tri-lobe blower blocks (models HB 1300 PI and 1600 PI)
  • Also available for nitrogen conveying applications (N versions)
  • Easy configuration and maintenance
  • Superior air flow design and separate sound enclosure fan motor ensure optimal cooling and low energy costs

Available in 335 horsepower configuration

 Bare Rotary Lobe Blowers

Kaeser’s bare block blowers provide maximum flexibility. The OMEGA serial blowers with their three-lobe rotors minimize pulsation and include a wide range of rotary lobe blowers for stationary and mobile applications. The blower blocks are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled, CNC facility and are rigorously tested at full load.

  • Highly versatile rotary blowers – in stationary and mobile versions, suitable for both vacuum and pressure operation – for air and nitrogen conveying applications (OMEGA P and PN)
  • Blower with primary components made from chromium-nickel alloy for vacuum distillation / process water recycling (OMEGA B)
  • Vacuum blowers with pre-inlet cooling – suitable for alternating vacuum and pressure operation in tanker trucks and suction vehicles (OMEGA PV)
  • Rotary lobe vacuum pumps for fine vacuum applications (OMEGA WVC) in combination with a booster pump

Rotary Lobe Blower PDF


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