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About Us

CFM Air Equipment was established in Calgary and has been providing air compressors, air dryers, compressed air filtration, blowers, vacuum solutions, piping, and parts since 1965. In those 59 years we have expanded our operations to include Lethbridge, Regina, and Winnipeg. This means we have parts/service coverage all across central & western Canada.  Our 24/7 service department specializes in repairs, installations, air end rebuilds, and preventative maintenance packages to keep your equipment in optimal running conditions.



Kaeser Compressors has been providing compressed air solutions since 1919. Kaeser develops tailor-made, energy-efficient, and reliable compressed air solutions with the philosophy of “more compressed air for less energy”.

CFM Air Equipment is proud to be the Kaeser distributor for Southern Alberta and Saskatchchewan.



In many industries, air quality is critical. Even the smallest drop of oil can damage production equipment. This is why CFM is proud to offer the Powerex line of oil-free air compressors. With the Powerex line of scroll & reciprocating compressors, no oil will ever be used in compressor chamber. This guarantees 100% air purity and eliminates the risk of contamination. Oil-free air compressors also offer a lower cost of ownership, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, ISO certified air quality, and they are quiet by design.

Chicago Pneumatic


Chicago Pneumatic is a market leading manufacturer and distributor of compressed air products such as screw compressors, piston compressors and air treatment. When you are in need of an industrial or professional air compressor system, Chicago Pneumatic is sure to have the right solution.
Please contact our Winnipeg branch for any Chicago Pneumatic inquires.


CFM Air Equipment is an authorized dealer for Kaeser, Chicago Pneumatic, Powerex, and Omega air compressors . We are also proud to offer the Kaeser line of rotary blowers and Atlas Copco vacuum pumps. CFM Air Equipment is also a factory-trained and respected service agent for all makes and models of compressed air equipment. We offer repair and maintenance services, but more than that, a complete package of services to maintain your business processes without interruption. Serving all of Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Western Ontario.

We Do Rentals

We have stationary (electric) air compressor rentals from 5 CFM up to 825 CFM. We also offer filters, dryers, hose, and all ancillary air requirements to go with the stationary rental. Whether it be short term or long-term rental, chances are we have something that will fit your application. Please contact your local branch for any of your rental applications.


Optimize our compressed air system with our air demand audit. We’ll help you identify inefficiencies, leaks, and maintain your compressor system for peak performance. Contact us to schedule your audit today and unlock the full potential of our compressed air system. Our team will analyze your current setup and provide tailored recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.


Compressed air is not cheap to produce, and therefore it can make up a big part of your monthly energy bill. It takes approximately 7 volumes of air (at atmospheric pressure) to produce 1 volume of air at elevated pressure (100 psig). This in turn means the energy consumed can equal 76% of the total operational lifetime cost. The other 34% is made up of the original cost, installation and maintenance.

Most facilities can save 10%-20% of their compressed air energy costs by:

Even higher savings numbers can be gained by choosing better compressor control, adding storage receiver capacity, and upgrading air dryers and filters.