Vacuum Systems

Vacuum is indispensable in industrial production facilities around the world. When an industrial application requires a clean environment, or pressure below atmospheric levels, a steady supply of vacuum is needed. From food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, automotive parts handling, pharmaceuticals conveying, plastic extrusion, woodworking, to brick and clay manufacturing, utility vacuum is used across industries in multiple applications. We are proud to team up with Atlas Copco Vacuum solutions to offer a complete line of industrial vacuum products.

Vacuum Systems Line

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Dry vacuum pumps play an important part in many vacuum application and environments. The main advantage of the dry vacuum pumps is that there is no lubrication in the main pumping chamber thus eliminating the contamination of the process. There are currently 5 different options of dry vacuum pumps allowing for flexibility in all applications.

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps utilize water, or other process compatible liquid as the sealant. The simple operation, with no contacting parts, make liquid ring vacuum pumps a safe and reliable choice for handling dirty gas streams. Liquid ring pumps are available in both single and two stage pumps are optimized for operations above 200 mbar (a).

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Oil-Sealed Vacuum Pumps

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps offer versatility, flexibility, and optimized energy consumption for industrial applications. They work via positive displacement, which is when volumes of air or gas are confined within a closed space and are compressed when the space is mechanically reduced. We currently offer 4 different options of Atlas Copco oil-sealed vacuum pumps.

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