At a time where diesel fuel is at an all time, we have put our focus on increasing our electrical rental packages. We now have electrical units in stock ranging from 5 to125 horsepower. These units have all been tested, serviced and are ready to be shipped, or installed, within a few hours. This will allow you to continue to work, without having to worry about down time.  

If you do not have the room for an extra unit, we also carry diesel portable units that can easily be tied into most systems. As with the electrical units, we can have these units shipped, or tied in, within a few hours.

Current rentals available:

  • 185 CFM portable diesel driven air compressors
  • 300 CFM portable diesel driven air compressors
  • 825 CFM portable diesel driven air compressor
  • 5-125 Horsepower rotary screw units (voltages vary)
  • Regenerative & refrigerative air dryers (various sizes and voltages) 
  • Filtration & air hoses