Desiccant Air Dryers

Dryers​ Line

In heavy-duty industrial operations, water vapor in compressed air equipment can lead to premature failure, corrosion, frozen air lines, quality control issues and a range of other operational problems. A desiccant air dryer system purifies compressed air by absorbing moisture. You can find these systems in any industrial application in which reliable equipment and exceptional quality control is necessary. CFM Air Equipment is proud to offer the Super-Dry line of desiccant air dryers.


Inline Air Dryers

Water vapour in the compressed air piping is the leading cause of paint imperfections and pneumatic tools damage. Typical compressed air is saturated with 100% relative humidity. That means the compressed air carries a lot of moisture vapour when it goes into your paint gun or other air tools. The Super-Dry desiccant inline compressed air dryers:
  • Extends the life of your air-operated equipment
  • Prevents air tools from freezing when working in a cold environment
  • Reduced air tools maintenance costs
  • Eliminate production downtime

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D Series

The Super-Dry air compressor desiccant dryers contain two highly efficient polypropylene coalescer elements at inlet & outlet ports to absorb oil and solid air particles. The Super-Dry desiccant air dryer system also includes one large desiccant bag specifically designed to absorb moisture and condensation from your compressor desiccant air dryer systems.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum casting for corrosion resistance
  • Power-coated exterior for added durability
  • Easy change desiccant
  • Optimized airflow through the housing minimizes pressure drop
  • Wal mounting brackets available
  • Three stages in one unit: separator, filtration, and drying

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