High Pressure Boosters

High Pressure Boosters Line

Applications such as plastic (PET) bottle blowing and pressure testing often require higher pressures than plant air systems can provide. Kaeser boosters, combined with high pressure air treatment, are the smart way to meet high pressure requirements for specific points of use in your plant. They reduce capital and energy costs compared to running a separate high pressure compressed air system. CFM Air Equipment offers 3 different series of high-pressure boosters to meet your demands.

DN C Compact Booster Package

This complete system has it all: Featuring a new design and a footprint approximately half the size of previous models, the DN C delivers on the inside and out. The new component layout not only ensures optimized cooling air flow, but also provides easy maintenance access. Moreover, the updated SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller offers new, multiple monitoring and control options with several interfaces – including for connection to master controllers – with dynamic control. Performance parameters:
  • 30 – 60 hp
  • Initial pressure up to 190 psig – discharge pressure up to 650 psig
  • Flow rate: 102 – 692 cfm

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N Series Boosters

The N-series boosters are available with one, two or three cylinders and operate within the following performance parameters:
  • 3 – 60 hp
  • Initial pressure up to 190 psig – discharge pressure up to 650 psig
  • Flow rate: 9.5– 724 cfm

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