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Kaeser’ refrigerated air dyers are available from 10 to 12,500 scfm. Non-cycling, cycling, and dual control dryers provide maximum efficiency by offering the best drying solution for a wide range of applications.


Kyrosec – Up to 159 scfm

KRYOSEC compact refrigerated dryers* deliver outstanding performance with “Made in Germany” industrial quality and reliable moisture protection in ambient temperatures up to +122 °F. Lower pressure losses are thanks to the stainless steel heat exchanger system while the easy maintenance design ensures economical operation. Thanks to their compact design, they’re always a great fit directly where they’re needed – under machine stages, work platforms, or even mounted on the wall (TAH series).

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 12 to 159 scfm
  • Working pressure up to 232 psig
  • Options: ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain and/or electronic thermostat for pressure dew point warnings  both with floating alarm contact

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Energy-Saving Secotec – Up to 285 scfm

With their high efficiency storage control, SECOTEC TA to TD series (*) refrigerated dryers can handle dew points to 38 °F, all while ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. A generously-sized thermal mass reduces material stress and assures stable pressure dew point performance.

  • Significant savings potential during part load operation and during breaks
  • Highly durable and easy maintenance system design
  • Air-cooled versions for ambient temperatures up to 110 °F

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Energy-Saving Secotec – Up to 1060 scfm

Kaeser’s renowned SECOTEC industrial quality refrigerated dryers (TE and TF (*) series shown here) have long been valued for their stable pressure dew point performance, their exceptional reliability and their low total life-cycle costs.

Together with the innovative SECOPACK LS latent heat storage heat exchanger system and the SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller, the next generation of these advanced dryers sets new standards when it comes to energy efficiency, compact design and user-friendliness.

  • Exceptional durability due to corrosion-resistant air piping and aluminum heat exchanger (condenser and SECOPACK LS)
  • With Modbus TCP communication module for integration in the SIGMA NETWORK

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Energy-Saving Secotec – 1340-3070 scfm

With the new TG series, KAESER extends its range of energy-saving SECOTEC refrigerated dryers to accommodate flow rates up to 3070 scfm and offers a choice of air- or water-cooled models.

Designed for large-scale industry, these compact giants ensure stable pressure dew point performance even under the toughest of operating conditions – with maximum reliability and minimal life-cycle costs.
The powerful cold storage concept, together with the standard network-capable SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller, ensure material-friendly and energy-saving operation in all load phases. The innovative exhaust air control of the air-cooled variants sets the new standard in terms of operational safety and cost efficiency.

  • Innovative exhaust air control and frequency radial fan ensure optimal cooling performance
  • Climate-friendly R-513A refrigerant

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High-Pressure – Up to 3743 scfm

Kaeser THP-series refrigeration dryers (*) truly show their mettle when maximum reliability at high working pressures is required – such as in PET container production. High-quality components and excellent manufacturing ensure your units will enjoy premium moisture protection for the long-term – even at high ambient temperatures.

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 8.5 to 106.1 m³/min
  • For working pressures up to 50 bar
  • For ambient temperatures up to +43 °C


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