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Whether mobile on construction sites or stationery in industrial plants, compressors must always deliver full power. Long running times, large volumes of dust and high mechanical loads place enormous demands on filtration systems. MANN-FILTER products offer the best protection for your compressor. Here, the name MANN-FILTER stands for original equipment quality because MANN+HUMMEL is a development partner to all the renowned compressor manufacturers.

Air Filters

Save hard cash with high-performance air filters: Their huge dust holding capacity ensures long and efficient compressor running times. Reliable filtration protects and extends the lifetimes of the downstream oil filters and air/oil separator elements and ensures their optimal interaction. Your machine receives the best possible protection.

Oil Filters

Reliable lubrication: Our oil filters ensure the effective removal of contaminants from oil circuits. Clean oil not only ensures smooth operation of the compressor and long machine service life, but also extends the lifetimes of the downstream air/oil separator elements.

Fuel Filters

Maximum performance without the risk of engine failure: Reliable protection for sensitive components means that dirt particles and water are reliably removed, thus preventing wear and corrosion.

Air/Oil Separator Elements

Conservation of resources: Whether in element or box form, these ensure high separation rates and low quantities of residual oil. The separated oil is reliably returned to the oil circuit, extending its life. The small but significant side effects are environmental protection and cash savings.

Need assistance looking for the correct filter? The Mann-Filter online catalogue will quickly help you find the right product. Please visit the link below for direct access:

If you are not able to find your filter listed on the Mann website, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.



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