Parker Legris

Available In Alberta, Saskatchewan And Manitoba

With over 750,000 installations globally and 20+ years of product innovation, Parker Transair has become the trusted brand for aluminum compressed air piping. Parker Transair offers both aluminum and stainless steel piping for compressed air, vacuum, industrial / inert gas, process water, and chemical transfer applications.

Our lightweight compressed air piping, fittings, and accessories feature a quick connection technology and require minimal tooling for aluminum compressed air piping system installations. All Transair compressed air piping systems install without the need to thread, solder, or glue the compressed air piping. A Transair compressed air piping system can be easily modified to accommodate future facility expansions. Transair aluminum and stainless steel compressed air piping can integrate into most existing copper and black iron piping systems, eliminating the need to completely redo your compressed air piping system. When compared to the traditional piping technologies (copper, black iron, steel), Transair aluminum and stainless steel compressed air piping systems installs 4x faster.

For superior performance, Transair uses the highest quality raw materials to increase corrosion resistance. Coupled with our silicone free fittings, a Transair aluminum compressed air piping system will not introduce additional contaminates to the compressed air as it travels from the compressor room to the point of use.



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